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How is it DIFFERENT?

Real Hoodia Gordonii is by far the most effective hoodia weight loss solution currently available. So how do you choose from all the different brands? You want a hoodia supplement that's certified pure, that's South African and that is whole hoodia gordonii plant rather than an extract. You want Real Hoodia XH. Learn more.

100% Pure

Look around and try to find real hoodia gordonii cactus. It's just about impossible because hoodia gordonii grows incredibly slowly, only an inch or two a year. It takes hoodia 5-7 years to grow to maturity, and there's no way to speed it up.
It's incredibly difficult and expensive to find real, whole hoodia cactus. So difficult, in fact, that many rip-off artists are offering pills made of entirely different species of cactus -- and even sawdust! -- and calling them hoodia diet pills.
Real Hoodia XH comes straight from the Kalahari Desert. We demand full certification and laboratory analysis of our raw material to make sure you get only top-quality real hoodia.
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How does it work?

In the Kalahari desert of Africa, life is hard. So hard that going without food for days at a time is a way of life. The San, a tribe of hunter-gatherers that live in the Kalahari, discovered eons ago that if they ate a certain cactus that grows wild in the desert, their hunger pangs go away. They feel full. They have no urge to eat, whether or not food is set in front of them.
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Cindi from Florida:
I can't believe how easy it was. I just didn't want to eat as much. I lost 15 pounds in a month - without even trying.


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Real Hoodia in the Media

Clinical trials in the United Kingdom suggest P-57 could reduce appetite by up to 2,000 calories a day.
It took the South African national laboratory 30 years to isolate and identify the specific appetite-suppressing ingredient in hoodia.
Eat it and you won't want to eat anything else — a secret bushmen have known for ages and a mystery to the West no more.
Earning attention as a potentially powerful weapon in the war against obesity and the American focus on losing weight.